Good beautiful mornin’ !

Saturday, my favorite day of the week. The week’s behind you, and tomorrow’s another free day. Just, simply amazing. Plus the fact that Monday’s free as well for almost everyone in this case. Day of work. And we got free on the day of work. What an irony.

But the day’s welcome to me, and I’ll definitely take it.

Saturday’s usually the day I sleep most. 20 freaking 4 hours.
I mean, because I dream most. I sleep like 8 up to 10 hours… on weekends for sure.
Awake or not, the dream’s always on the highway running on and on.
It’s a way of joy for the most that generally do that. Also called comfort zone many times. I’m sure you’ve heard about that ! It’s not like the best thing really. Not at all.

Personally, I had a period of time where I used to “perform” this act, this daydreaming a lot. It put me at a disadvantage a bunch of times, but at the same time… you know, I still do that.
It felt like many times people were talking to me, and all I was concentrating on, was their faces. What did I do ? Nodding up and down obviously. Yes, yes, yes. You are right, so are you, so are you. But in the end they expected answers from me, so it didn’t turn out too well. Smiley face.

Yep, I used to do that a plenty of times. I liked doing it, but it wasn’t really the endless pleasure. Good, up to a certain point. And then, boom, disappointment.
Later on, the plan was to stop it all. It’s a bad habit from the bottom up to the top. Some people see these daydreams as a box of nothing in their brains. Mostly at men. And on the other side, women, that dream their fantasies.
I had both pretty much.

The whole story about this mysterious term, is that it can turn into a pure distraction. Leading to the most general factor, the impossibility to concentrate, followed up by a few others. I still have it myself. And in the end, for instance at school, it’s pretty ridiculous to ask your classmate over and over again what did the teacher affirm. Really irritating.

Anyway, my suggestion: not the best, but neither the worst.
Saturday’s the day for it, keep up the good work !

Thanks a lot,
And see you again, next time.







The Drain in the Morning

And when that usual day starts…

7:10 AM, steping off the bus. 7 min. later, at the school. We might even know the daily cycle by heart, but at some of us, it can be a real pain in the ass. 

7:25, getting prepared for the first lesson. As you’ve already observed, I’ll try to add the time sometimes, so the reader can always know when and what.

Anyway, like mentioned – mornings are exhausting. Obviously it doesn’t need to be that way, but when you are the kind of person that likes standing up until late with the “fear” of the upcoming day, it will be most likely an unconvenient situation.

7:30, now that I’ve told already what a gigantic hate I have on these parts of the days, I can also tell how my day could’ve turned out in the biggest nightmare possible at the moment I got out of the bus. Really shortly said, while I was leaving my seat, slowly, my wallet fell out of the pants. My zipper was open, and it actually happened. Luckily there was someone next to me that alerted me automatically

Most likely I’ll even pray for it at nights for being such a true hero.

ANYWAY, it’s 7:40, the boredom in the school starts.

See ya next time.

10:00, alright, 3 hours left. And I also found out that I’ll be having an exam in accounting in the last lesson. I almost got a seizure. Luckily I never really fully prepare for exams, so all I needed was a psyhical evaluation. I’m an economics student, trading academy, you can imagine how much fun it has to be to play with numbers all day long. What amuses me, is that we got more Biology lessons than English and Maths. It’s like you’d like a professionality in life, so you go to a specific school where you hope you’ll receive what you need, and instead you get “fulfilled” with Biology, or whatever else. Of course it’s needed as well, it takes part of the general knowledge. But I’m sure you won’t memorize all the cell’s components, and everything that runs through the human body. Unless you want really hard to become a doctor and save the unhelped ones. Not the case in most of the times. And that way, you’re wasting other few centuries for memorizing absolutely unneeded material that just occupies storage in your brain for nothing. It’s a wise system, at how much brainwash runs on around the world. At the same time, if education lasted shorter – it would’ve also given the chance to more people to pass through easier. This could mean good, but also bad. But in general, too much waste.

10:35, two more hours!

13:00. Alright, I fucked up with the exam. But we all good. The hype before the arrival home always manages somehow to “reincarnate” the emotions, so you can keep it up. Clearly everyone has a rest zone, but it’s absolutely fascinating how that one thing can support you towards the end.



Yup.  For the beginning, it’s going to be a pretty neutral text so I can accommodate myself into the world of letters.
I’ve mentioned my name and age already, so I’ll be talking a little about the schedule and the days I’ll be posting on.
I’ll try to post daily. Random subjects, random thoughts, and throughout the blogs – also my less important “life journey”.
I still have to work on understanding the website and all the features it has. With the time…. I’ll try to improve its look, and I’ll also try to get straight with its functionality so everything’s on the flow.
That’s it for now. It’s 10 PM here, I still have an assignment for the school – and yes… I’m extremely excited about it ! Besides the fact that I’m really tired, I hope I’ll still use my brain for it.
Thanks for your time, see you next time.