British Weather


Alright. My clothes got wet as hell, but that’s fine. I’ve also told my parent to pick me up from the bus station. But by the time she got there, I was already home. I was thinking she would bring me the umbrella coming by foot, and I would meet her on the way out. Instead, she took the car at a few meters distance from the bus station.

That’s how even a little thing can be misleading. How about general conversations ? People make fun of the obvious. Shouldn’t be the most common thing. But hey, we are some intellectual high advanced beings, aren’t we ? Let’s pour all that comes out of our minds, and affect the lower ones. Right ? No, it ain’t right.

Sometimes you may feel the need to get off  a scammer, a fraud – and start offending it. It’s completely understandable. Higher or lower, whatever his levels are – there are many lost cases, like at the police, but the people themselves being the lost cases. Mentioned the offense, right ? If you really want to, make it happen only with the thoughts. That’s the spirit.

Otherwise, of course, you’ll be seen in the wrong way by many ones, and even if your person doesn’t give a damn – there will be others out there that will.

That’s it with the rainy day for the moment,
Take care… see you again, next time.