Brain goes off-topic


Yup, it’s 22nd, and I’m on again one day later!
Lord, how’s that even possible? Did Darius actually think about the importance of his readers, or he has nothing better to do with his life so he just pops up here, writes his misery, and leaves?

Well, guess what…?

Nah, just… I put some Jazz going on in the background, and besides coffee, WordPress was the only thing that missed. So I thought I’ll just mention shortly the stuff I told in the previous thread, maybe talk in-between something different that is lead by my intuition, and finally come to the end of another post.

It is 12:30 AM right now, and I cannot wait for the day of tomorrow, today actually… to return back home. Drinking coffee while typing makes me so much more creative, and it gives you a sensation better than the gum five can.

Talking about coffee, I visited today Starbucks for the first time in my life. I’ve heard/read so many thousands of praises concerning it from all kind of teenagers: “OMG STARBUCKS” , “BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD”, “ADLFKJD STAARBUCKS, KILL ME” etc… that as a coffee lover, I simply had to try it.

First experience. Well, it went more or less wrong, but I still liked it.
I went there to taste their coffee, right?
Good, well… I ordered a frappuccino with vanilla. And the cashier asked me straight away: “With coffee or without?”. At that point, I understood a frappuccino with an extra coffee. And then I was like: “Nah, without coffe.”, the thing I ordered was more than enough for me at that time. She meant actually that the frappucino should’ve been mixed with coffee, because otherwise… it was simply a kind of vanilla ice cream with ice and whip on the top of it.

I got it, I sat down, I tasted it… it was simply delicious. But a few minutes later, when I was at the half of the glas with the straw in my mouth, I suddenly wondered: “But, how about the coffee? Where is it? That’s what I came for.”

Then I came to the whole realization.

At least… now I’m even more curious for the next time to try it out again. But that time, in the right way.

I felt it from the beginning on that my brain is working slowly at this time, so I guess I’ll keep the rest for sometime else if I appeared all at once with my damn coffee.

But giving it a short preview what I was going to “preach” about, were some theoretical lessons that I had to deal with in the private time, so I was going to make an indirect essay out of it, and get to a conclusion as always.

I’m actually glad I got to the point to tell you about my lil Starbucks story of today, ‘cuz I’m sure it’s more pleasant than other kind of… philosophical evaluation.

All that being said, I might also go sleep soon because I’m more than ready for the trip back home, and I’ll see you again soon enough.

But until then,
Make sure you take care,
And see you again,
Next time.







Middle August

Helloes to everyone!

“Everyone”, like there were amounts of people risking out their lives to read these lines… hah. Anyway, if you got this far – how are you doing?

It’s been a good-good-good while since I didn’t touch WordPress anymore, but I’m glad for not forgetting completely about it. It would’ve been much better mentaining the audience I had, but unfortunately I’m also feels-dependent… so if I don’t write whenever I feel like, it feels like a job that needs to be accomplished, and it ain’t made of my own pleasure.

However, time flew pretty fast as always, especially this season… and yes, we should be all prepared to welcome Autumn. Maybe not our favourite one, but always know what happened in the past, assure your future, and make sure you live in the present.

Not like you’d ever miss Autumns, but who knows?

Anyway, I’m typing this whole stuff at 5 AM, so don’t expect me to come out with some innovation this time.

I purchased a new laptop recently. This way, I might get more motivated typing more often in here, so let’s call this good news.

On the other hand, as you already know, for most students out there is the vacation over soon. So is it for me, and I can barely remind me anything that just happened all this time while being away from this platform.

No, I didn’t go nuts and blazed it around the street corners. Neither do I have Alzheimer. Alright, maybe a bit of that. But… let’s be honest here, the free good time always disappears from nowhere, doesn’t it?

Started off by 1 week in Italy. Pros: Food was extremely delicious. Cons: People could barely speak any English, and events didn’t take too much place around there, so completely boring. Really funny for it being a tourist attraction country, and not mastering English whatsoever.

Besides that criticism, surroundings were pretty beautiful, I gotta admit that, but… yep, that’s pretty much it.

So, one week later… finally back at it again with the daydreaming and games. Those days were so wonderful that they simply faded away like some falling stars. Took like 2-3 weeks til I went on holiday somewhere else, again. Because: “Parents’ Suggestion”.

Now God bless I’m at the end of the 2nd week, and I’m really looking forward to get back home, overthink some topics probably, and come to you guys with some new subjects to think about.

I’m really hyped, I hope so are you. Worst case scenario I’ll forget or have an empty mind, and in the end do absolutely nothing about it. Buuuut, I assume that won’t happen.

This has been partly my summer. Not too much info to point out, but I’ll make sure too dive deeper and re-think the whole stuff again, because some emotions took place as usual…

And I’ll make sure to return, and share them with you guys.

But until then!!

I wish you the best,

And see you again,

Next time.


Good beautiful mornin’ !

Saturday, my favorite day of the week. The week’s behind you, and tomorrow’s another free day. Just, simply amazing. Plus the fact that Monday’s free as well for almost everyone in this case. Day of work. And we got free on the day of work. What an irony.

But the day’s welcome to me, and I’ll definitely take it.

Saturday’s usually the day I sleep most. 20 freaking 4 hours.
I mean, because I dream most. I sleep like 8 up to 10 hours… on weekends for sure.
Awake or not, the dream’s always on the highway running on and on.
It’s a way of joy for the most that generally do that. Also called comfort zone many times. I’m sure you’ve heard about that ! It’s not like the best thing really. Not at all.

Personally, I had a period of time where I used to “perform” this act, this daydreaming a lot. It put me at a disadvantage a bunch of times, but at the same time… you know, I still do that.
It felt like many times people were talking to me, and all I was concentrating on, was their faces. What did I do ? Nodding up and down obviously. Yes, yes, yes. You are right, so are you, so are you. But in the end they expected answers from me, so it didn’t turn out too well. Smiley face.

Yep, I used to do that a plenty of times. I liked doing it, but it wasn’t really the endless pleasure. Good, up to a certain point. And then, boom, disappointment.
Later on, the plan was to stop it all. It’s a bad habit from the bottom up to the top. Some people see these daydreams as a box of nothing in their brains. Mostly at men. And on the other side, women, that dream their fantasies.
I had both pretty much.

The whole story about this mysterious term, is that it can turn into a pure distraction. Leading to the most general factor, the impossibility to concentrate, followed up by a few others. I still have it myself. And in the end, for instance¬†at school, it’s pretty ridiculous to ask your classmate over and over again what did the teacher affirm.¬†Really irritating.

Anyway, my suggestion: not the best, but neither the worst.
Saturday’s the day for it, keep up the good work !

Thanks a lot,
And see you again, next time.