Back for the second


Yep, it has been a while. I haven’t blogged at all anymore… the whole month May actually.

What can I tell, a month full of surprises, more or less.
Summer is also near, people are getting hyped. Me too, I think.
It’s a great way of relief for those whose hobby is chilling.
Like my case for instance. I was going to sign up for the driving license – “Oh my god, me finally driving! This will be definitely a summer full of work and learning, and I’ll finally have something that I’ll need for the rest of my life.”. Turns out I can start only in October, meaning I won’t have anything to do, except not stressing out as mentioned.

Other people are preparing to celebrate, “to find unforgettable moments”, to drink all day and all night, and to go insane. All that kind of unneeded trash.
Readers might go like: “But Darius, that is what summer is all about!”
Not really. Usually it is an illusion, a self-manipulation targeting the feelings.
And in the end, many times the whole fun is a lie.

Don’t take it too serious, I do not say we have no reason to be happy about. That was generally speaking.
It’s like those posts you see on the internet, “Expectation and Reality”, something similar to that.

Anyway, besides all that… I’m pretty sure I’ve lost 99% of my readers due my inactivity. But if you’re reading right now, I hope you’ll have an excellent summer that you will be always satisfied to remind yourself of.

Closing out shortly, that’s it for now – I’ll probably post only like this from now on, because there’s not too much to point out… I wish you the best until next time

And as always,
Hope you’re having a great day,
Take care, and see you again,
Next time



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