lit Friday

7:05, usually I don’t even realize when it’s Friday and when it’s not. Except my subconsciousness, eventually. It’s like another regular day, where you have the mission to visit the school’s building. Noisy cars in the morning, waiting for the bus to bring you over, warm orange lights… BLOODY LIGHTS, you barely open your eyes and it’s full of them.

8:30, break. One essential thing what happens in the breaks… it happened even more often before I didn’t have access to the internet – is the cringy moment where you have no plans and no one’s company for one accurate subject to talk about. And many times instead of dwelling around, you might try to start an unneeded conversation, a pure trashtalk. Conclusion, generally for the more retired ones in terms of society, doesn’t work out. You could see the network as an option, that’s what most do, inclusively me. But I won’t categorize the phone as something very beneficial, but more likely a distraction. It doesn’t mean the internet is useless. Contrariwise, it could be the best you could have. But not with the social medias and all the mainstream crap that everyone falls into.

9:30, big break. “The break I have to eat something.”. This thought can get me busy, that’s really acceptable.

11:25, had a business-management test. It ran pretty well. Such things can be a true relief, especially before the weekend. Now it feels like I predicted the title, the weekend will be really lit indeed. The insecurity before writing is always pretty high for some non-logical reason. When you’re not aware of what’s incoming, nervosity is clear. But otherwise, unneeded trash.

I’ll pop-up again at home, but until then…

Take care. See you again, next time.


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