Mid-Day Smoothie Thoughts

You may ask, why smoothie thoughts…

Well, because I’m writing it together with my delicious smoothie ! Keeps your mind fit and fresh. Especially after a good sleep, it feels like a diet. All you need left is sports. We know we can all eat healthy, but who’s going to stand up at all for that? You wish you had it, but who gives a damn in the end? It takes a long time to gain durability, right ? And so on. Plenty of questions when it’s about self-construction, and then you end up in a corner of the room crying all over why is it such a RNG, such an unfair game.

Referring to unfair games, so is the correction at the texts you write. Most of the times, the teacher does his/her job. BUT ALSO MANY TIMES, some of them just want too hard to be some random ass experts, that nobody needs, inclusively their students. Finally, overall – you can get either lucky, or unlucky. And that is sure a factor from the whole grade.

But you get to become part of their unfair game, and it goes ooooon and oon. In the end, you get closer to the destination, your main thing you want to achieve, you are really ambitious about it, right ? AND YOU ACTUALLY MANAGE TO GET THROUGH, AND STEP IT UP !
You step up to another routine, indeed. A better one, but still one.

But remember, sleep is a good resource for us, the beings. And it’s free as well !
Better use it right. It actually puts the thoughts in the right order and your brain gets set in a complete relaxation mode. That’s why it can also have bad consequences, when someone talks to you while sleeping. DON’T DO PRANKS KIDS, YOU WON’T ACHIEVE ANYTHING THAN FUN THAT IS NOT A MATTER. Also don’t do drugs, neither that.

You may think: “Who’s this lil’ thing that gives suggestions about sleep? He probably can’t do it even himself alone.” That’s the problem. I haven’t done it.
And I wish I did it.
You know, staying up until late. Barely sleeping any hours. Got to the point where my eyes were effectively rolling in my own head.
Not a good experience, remember that.

That’s it for now. See you next time.


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